Who We Are

Experts at Sourcing Debt Capital since 2001

Knowledge Experience Relationships.

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We leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships to deliver the most advantageous results / creative financing solutions for our clients’ unique credit situations.

Knowledge of the Lending Landscape

Concord is a financial intermediary specializing in private placements of senior and subordinated / mezzanine financing for middle-market companies. We create competition among lenders for the deal to procure the most favorable structure and terms for our clients. Utilizing our vast capital provider network, we identify the most appropriate lender (i.e. style, personality, credit policies) who understands your business and industry (i.e. cyclicality, seasonality).

Seasoned Professionals Who Deliver

Concord has closed over 95% of its retained assignments. Since our inception in 2001, Concord has successfully closed more than 170 transactions in excess of $1.6 billion in debt. The Concord team has over 100 years of combined corporate finance experience. Our proven process saves our clients significant time and money by procuring the most appropriate financing structure. Although we are generalists who serve many different industries, we are most experienced in manufacturing and distribution and select service businesses in the U.S.

Leveraging Relationships and Third-Party Credibility

Our relationships with over 300 diversified capital providers cover the entire market and spectrum of prospective lenders. Concord works with lenders on your behalf to tell each client’s story to lenders with whom we have deep, long-term relationships. This eliminates the need for the client to tell their story multiple times to multiple lenders. We negotiate the most favorable terms from lenders who understand the complexities of each client’s business.

Proven Results

Concord has successfully closed over 170 transactions totaling $1.6B in capital with a 95% success rate of closing deals since our inception in 2001. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes.

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