Why Choose Concord?

Why Choose Concord?

Concord Financial Advisors is among the best in Chicago with a proven process that saves our clients a significant amount of time and money by procuring the most appropriate financing structure for your specific small business or corporate needs.

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95% Success Rate

Concord Financial Advisors has successfully closed over 95% of our retained assignments since our founding in 2001. We know the challenges Chicago small businesses and corporations face, and this is why we have such a fantastic track record delivering unparalleled results. Our team has over 100 years of combined corporate finance and debt advisory experience.

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Our Services

Our Services

Concord Financial Advisors offers a one-stop approach to meeting your Chicago company’s unique financial needs. We manage the entire transaction, beginning with providing market feedback including an upfront screening of the transaction with potential lenders at no cost to our prospective clients.

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At the beginning of our process, the team at Concord Financial Advisors took the time to fully understand our business and what we were looking for in a new lending partner. By effectively pre-screening lenders from their extensive network before the process started, they quickly developed a very competitive process that ultimately led to a much improved credit facility and financial partner in CIBC for Summit Golf Brands. I highly recommend Tom Jones and his team to any company thinking about exploring new options in the credit markets.

Summit Golf Brands, Inc.

Chad Delp, President & CEO

Tom Jones and the team at Concord provided a complimentary assessment of our business and debt financing needs. Based on that review, Concord was able to execute our proposal by screening and qualifying the best Lenders for our credit request and ensure we obtained the best possible terms in the middle of a pandemic. They were strong advocates on our behalf and negotiated a deal structure that worked well for CoreCentric. Concord saved us valuable time by quickly aligning Lenders with our strategic objectives. We highly recommend utilizing Concord’s services for companies looking to restructure their debt financing requirements.”

CoreCentric Solutions, Inc.

Brian Cassell, Chief Financial Officer

Concord ran an efficient debt placement process especially with the challenges presented by Covid-19. Concord quickly identified multiple Lenders who understand the defense industry and sourced and negotiated several creative financing proposals. Concord was able to deliver on exactly what they promised.

Monroe Capital LLC

Nathan Harrell, Managing Director

Concord delivered the capital we needed. They ran their proprietary process, sourced multiple competitive proposals from their nationwide network of financial institutions and helped us negotiate an advantageous deal for O’Gara. We are very pleased with our new Lender and highly recommend Concord’s services for companies seeking debt financing.

The O'Gara Group

Dominic Hunter, CFO

Concord’s laser focused approach and strong relationships with multiple qualified banks quickly identified the right lender to handle all of our financing needs, saving valuable time and money. I highly recommend Concord to companies looking for debt financing.

AMS Group, Inc.

Andy Sandberg, Owner

Concord’s lender contacts and full service debt placement process saved us a significant amount of time and resources as Concord managed the entire transaction process and negotiated an attractive deal structure with a local bank who understands our business. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Concord’s services.

II In One Contractors, Inc.

Robert J. McGee, Jr., President

Your deal with the marketing services company? That was the Miracle Deal.

Marketing Services Company

An industry veteran ABL lender

Tom Jones and the Concord team used their analytical skills, industry savvy and well-developed relationships to guide ARI in selecting the best partner to meet our financial needs.

ARI Packaging, Inc.

Gary E. McCullough, Chief Executive Officer

Working with Concord Financial Advisors, LLC allowed us to not only meet several lenders whom we did not know, but also allowed us to run our business while Concord found us ‘the right lending partner’ who understood our business and met all of our refinancing objectives. Concord saved us a lot of valuable time and they negotiated a very favorable transaction for us too. We are very pleased with our new lender and with Concord’s results.

Netcom, Inc.

Donald Arrington, Controller

Concord was a true partner and identified qualified lenders that understand our business and negotiated the terms and structure of our lending arrangement with our new lender. We are extremely pleased with the work ethic, strategic input and results provided by Concord.

Hufcor, Inc.

Kevin Flanagan, CEO